Because our mission is to provide premium instant coffee made with 100% Arabica Coffee beans to make sure your every cup of coffee is terrific. We care for others with our initiatives such as 5% of our profits going to NGO’s.


Does GRRIND COFFEE has more caffeine?

Yes, GRRIND COFFEE has more caffeine than your average cup of regular coffee. Our 100% Arabica Coffee beans will provide you with the true essence of coffee.



Yes GRRIND COFFEE is 100% vegan. None of the minerals in our coffee come from animal sources.


Are there any side effects to our coffee?

NO, there are no side effects to our coffee. Our coffee is hygienic and safe, it passes all safety and production standards set by the authorities.


What does 100% Arabica coffee mean?

100% Arabica coffee means there are no Robusta coffee beans or any Chicory added to the package. It will be 100% Arabica coffee beans. Chicory is a substitute used for Coffee which is cheaper and of low quality and does not contain the benefit coffee contains.


What is freeze-dried coffee made of?

Freeze-dried coffee, also known as instant coffee, is dehydrated coffee that is made from coffee liquor (coffee that has already been brewed). To be used, freeze-dried coffee is placed in hot water and rehydrated. After rehydration, it can be used like any other type of brewed coffee. It is the best in industry method used to provide you with the best coffee flavor and preserve the aroma.


What is the best way to store freeze-dried coffee?

However, glass jars are much better because freeze-dried coffee is premium instant coffee in which a glass jar will perfectly keep its coffee aroma for a long time. Glass jar is very neutralized, tight and firm which will keep freeze-dried coffee inside in the right way. GRRIND COFFEE provides you coffee in a high quality glass jar so that it is easy to preserve for you as well.